Well, it's that time of year around the Graff household.  The time when we get the winter bug.  My immune system usually does a pretty good job of keeping off attacks like this, but this year it lost the battle.  I'm being reminded that it's in my weakness (even physical) that God is made strong, and we are no less loved by Him when we're sick than when we're healthy.

God totally has a sense of humor.  The day after I post that I'm having trouble coming up with lyrics, He gives me a fresh set of words for a song I worked on a few days ago.  Of all places, the lyrics came to me while I was in the shower.

The shower, while certainly doing its job of keeping me clean and ridding germs from me (...on second thought, it's struggling on that end lately), has been an inspiring place over the last few months.  God speaks to me in the shower.  Yes, that may sound dumb (not the "God speaks to me" part, but the "shower" part).  But here's why I think it happens in the shower:  There are no distractionsYou can't take phone calls, surf the Internet, text your bff, get work done, or barely even have a conversation while you're in the shower.  It's just you and water.  And Jesus.

I wonder how often we take His command seriously to "be still and know that [He is] God" (Psalm 46:10).  This is not a world that likes "still"ness very much.  In fact, it tells us that stillness is a bad, bad thing.  Seriously - I remember the days when a website loading in less than 60 seconds was a miracle.  Now, if it doesn't load in .2397 nanoseconds, we get fed up and smack our computer, wondering "what's wrong with it."  Maybe the macine is just trying to take a moment to "be still", reminding us that we should do the same.  (OK, to be fair, the computer probably isn't worshiping God.  But we still can.)

Spend more time with God.  It will heal your heart, give you His perspective on your life, and bring evidence that His Spirit is alive in you.  It'll gut out the things that you think are true but really aren't, and it'll affirm the things that you think are true that are true.  Find time to get quiet.  Soak in the Bible.  And listen to Him.

Maybe I should start taking several showers a day.

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