For those of you who are wondering about the next worship project, THE RISING [Songs of Redemption], here's a few little tidbits of information:

- There's quite a few items on my plate right now, but I'll be making every effort to release THE RISING during the year 2011.  I don't doubt that it can happen, but it's ultimately up to our God as to how the timeline unfolds.  As of right now, though, the aim is definitely for a 2011 release.

- Lyrically, I want THE RISING to be penetrating and blunt.  I think we should be held accountable by the lyrics of the songs we sing to the Lord, and I want to enter my foot into that circle.

- The content of the lyrics is, of course, about redemption.  It'll explore biblical answers for what redemption really means for our DNA, our daily lives, and our eternal allegiance.  (Let's just say that there'll be a lot of rejoicing on this album.)

- Musically, don't expect THE RISING to sound a lot like THE EMBRACE.  This isn't because I'm intentionally trying to be different.  It's because different seasons of creativity bring different outcomes, and I'm excited to see what happens.  (Hint: I'm feeling a lot more creative on electric guitar than on acoustic guitar lately.  We'll see where that leads!)

- Finally, the costs of recording, producing, mastering, manufacturing, and distributing music aren't cheap.  If you've been blessed by my music or this blog, I invite you to make a donation to the ministry.  

slavespiritministries exists to further the love and truth of Jesus by all means possible.  It does not exist so that we can make a few dollars, sit around until the money's gone, post more Internet content until a few more dollars show up, and repeat.  We're in it for Jesus.  Please give if you're called to give.  (You even get a personal thank-you from me in your email inbox.  How much fun is that?)  

Also, If you're led to donate to the costs of bringing THE RISING to life, simply put "rising" in the Add Special Instructions field on the final donation page.  As a bonus, if you donate $25 or more, you'll automatically receive one of the first copies of THE RISING when it releases.  

You can click on the link below to donate.  No minimum amount is necessary.  Giving is an act of worship: give as you're led to give, and thanks for doing so.  (You do not need a Paypal account to donate.  Simply look on the lower left part of the page that says "Use your credit card or bank account".)

Copy and paste this link to donate:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for your support through prayer and giving.  It's an honor to walk alongside you in this life in Christ.  Be blessed!

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