The newest installment in the “Stuff I’m Sick Of” feature.
- Malls getting more attention than Jesus during the month of December.
- Anything getting more attention than Jesus, any time of the year.
- Christmas carol lyrics that go by so fast.  There’s so much in there – I totally want to slow down every song and just dwell on the good stuff.
- The overall attitude of many a child when it comes to presents.  Our culture certainly starts breeding the idea of “what’s rightfully mine” at a very early age, especially in America – the land of over-abundance and taking it all for granted.
- Christmas cookies.  Yes, they are ridiculously delicious.  What I’m sick of, though, is that our culture basically says that it’s okay to indulge total gluttony for one month each year, a decision that totally messes with our view of food for the other eleven months. 
That’s enough bah-humbug for this season.
Please, as cheesy as it sounds, truly enjoy “the reason for the season.”  And become your own version of the sanctified skeptic: find some stuff that you’re sick of.  Release it to Jesus.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the change-agent that He plans on using.

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