Wow, Minnesota got dumped on this last weekend.  Snow EVERYwhere.  Driving down the roads with snow pushed up on the sides makes me feel like I am navigating my own personal bobsled track.Anyway...

As of this morning, I've officially decided to start a feature in this blog called "Stuff I'm Sick Of".  (Coming up with that title made me smile since I'm positive it'll cause people to think I'm some sort of downer or pessimist.  Not so.  I'd say that I fall in line with John Street's thoughts: "Biblical informed Christians ought to be sanctified skeptics.")

Some of the "Stuff I'm Sick Of" points will be my thoughts on the world around us, and some of them will likely be about my own struggles. 

Maybe it's cyber-suicide to start a Christ-centered blog with a bunch of negatives, but, well... here we go.

Stuff I'm Sick Of.  Volume One.
I'm sick of sports teams getting more commitment and enthusiasm from people than Jesus does.  He deserves better.

I'm sick of my attitude going up or down depending on the size of our savings account.  My comfort shouldn't be in the form of a dollar sign. 

I'm also sick of my attitude going up or down depending on the number on the bathroom scale.  It's denying that my value is in the eyes of Jesus.

I'm sick of "self-esteem" being viewed as a good thing.  There is absolutely no good in us without regeneration in Christ.

I'm sick of indifference to God within the walls of the church.  Something needs to change. 

I pray these lists encourage you in what it really means to live a Christ-like life.  I also want to be held accountable on the points that I need to let God work on.  It's a work in progress, but such is life.  Thanks for indulging me.

In other news, I've been pretty inspired in the studio lately, but all the end-products are music with no lyrics.  It's interesting to me that I'm writing a bunch of music with no lyrical connection to them yet... we'll see what God does with them, though.

Kait's not feeling all that well, and I can feel my body fighting to not give in to (what I assume is) the same bug she has.  Prayers for health, please.  We certainly know we're in good Hands.

Just added a new instrument to the instrument closet, or "toolbox", if you will... a factory special run american standard strat.  Pretty excited about how it's been working out in the studio already.

Well, that's it for now...

So, how are you?

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