Wow... It's been a while since I last posted!  There's been a small part of me that has wanted to share everything that's been going on lately, but a much larger part of me has simply needed to focus on following Jesus through these situations without putting it into words.  There is a season for quiet, and there is a season for, well, not quiet.  :)  

Thank you to everyone who's been praying for our family and faithfully supporting us in prayer.  There are new chapters opening up in our lives over the next six weeks; Kait & I are going to be welcoming our first baby into our home, there are new opportunities for ministry on the horizon, and I'm getting a chance to dig back into passions that have been on hold for some time.

I find myself day-dreaming about future possibilities on a very, very regular occasion.  My "visionary" attributes get the best of me too often - I've been known to play out entire events in my head which, once they actually happen, appear nothing like how they went in my head.  I ask myself constantly, "Maybe God is doing this or that," or,  "Maybe this is the reason for that," which essentially is me trying to figure out God's ways instead of trusting Him with the unknowns and committing myself to the truths and circumstances God has made known to me.  I'm daily challenged in this area, and although I'm growing at it, I'm still in need of repair.

The reason I say all that, though, is to say this: It isn't very often that my "visionary" ideas line up with what actually happen.  But in some of these new-chapter experiences, a few of my visionary ideas have lined up with what God has anointed & appointed to happen.  (Praise Him!)  

I look at all sorts of people in the Bible who had vision from the Lord as to where they were to go, what they were to do, and who they were to become (Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, just to name a few).  More often than not, that vision took a long time to pan out for each of them, going through twists and turns that ultimately grew each of them into the person God needed each of them to be for His story.  I'm sure there was confusion and heartache along the way, watching certain parts of their vision seemingly drift further and further away... but finally, one day, they arrived.  They arrived.  I ask myself, "What did that feel like to them?  Was there joy and relief?  Or was there more of a sense of bewilderment, because the way they finally got there looked nothing like how they had expected it to go?"

Scripture shows a bit of an answer to that question; each of those people turned to the Lord and gave Him praise that His love endures forever, despite our inability to see as far as He can.  I'm sure they were bewildered, and sometimes it didn't feel quite real, but they each bowed down to the One who deserves all of the credit.

If you're in the middle of God's story in your life, in a set of circumstances that don't make sense to you, know that God's vision and knowledge is far better than our own.  Know that, one day, you'll likely be looking back at how you got to where you are in bewilderment.  

If you're daily offering your life to God and owning the fact that we've been bought with a price by Jesus, you are officially letting go of the steering wheel of your life.  And our God promises to us over and over again in His Word that He's the best driver on the road of our life, not us.  Why?  Because He's the One who paved the road in the first place.  He knows how far it goes, where it ends, when we'll get there, and just how many pit-stops along the way we're going to need to take in order for Him to mold us into the image His Son living in us.  

Be prepared to be bewildered by the Lord.

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