Continuing on in the writing/recording process.  It's amazing how much different this time around feels than last time.  That's not a bad thing (or a good thing, per se)... it's simply different.  

As I keep plugging away at this collection (which now has an almost-definite track list!  woohoo!), I've been noticing there are an increasing amount of tasks that I am NOT that good at dealing with.  There's certain recording techniques that I wish I was better with, I'm not getting even close to the mixing/mastering sounds I'd like to hear, and so on and so forth.

In the heat of all this, I'm noticing that God seems to be defining my role in this ministry a bit more.  If an album were a pie cut into several slices (songwriting, producing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, etc.), my name was on all of those slices for The Embrace.  I am now realizing I need to give up some of my slices of pie.  

Part of it is a blessing, since I know that I'll be able to commit more of my focus and attention to the things that I AM called to.  But the other part of it is the challenge -- having faith in others to accomplish their tasks, and letting control be handed off to someone besides myself.

As of right now in this ministry, I'm running solo.  I continue to pray that being alone in this ministry changes, and I'm now being able to see what parts of the ministry I am really in need of other people filling.  

At the end of all this, though, I find myself stuck in the middle of another question -- how many of these difficulties I'm facing are signs that I need to hand it off to someone else... and how many of the difficulties are chances for me to grow, change, adapt, and learn what I CAN do it?  I don't want to claim more of this ministry than I'm supposed to, but I also don't want to shrug of responsibility and peter out the moment that something gets difficult (and, in ministry, something almost always WILL get difficult).  

So please be praying for:
- continued vision, guidance, and strength for me
- provision of people who have a heart for this ministry and want to help out in ways that they feel led
- perseverance through the difficulties
- discernment as to when I need to release my grip and hand things off
- a daily surrender to Jesus, that this is HIS project and not mine, it's HIS glory and not some musician's, and it's HIS kingdom that becomes enlarged through this instead of a band's fanbase or following.

Thank you all for following along with me on this journey.  I'm blessed & honored by it.  Be blessed, all of you.

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