Daily blog.  Starting now.

I want to open up a line of communication from me to you ("you" being friends & family in Christ, and the entire blogging world I suppose) on my daily thoughts.

I want to encourage those that need encouragement, and to be held accountable by those that have something to say to what I may be going through at any moment.

I want to live a life in Christ out loud to those that I don't get to be with in person on a regular basis.

I want to be in community with you.

So, starting now, I'm going to be blogging what's on my heart, head, and spirit every weekday.  (Consider Saturday and Sunday my "day of rest," if you will.)

I want to love on you with God's love more than anything.  That being said, I'll likely bring up stuff that people don't want to talk about, and stuff that the church doesn't want to talk about.  Not for the sake of controversy or for attention, but because I don't want to ignore any subject that Scripture addresses, no matter how difficult or painful it is to work through.  Pain often leads to gain, and any gain in Him is His glory.

God is the authority.  His Word is the textbook.  His Spirit is our companion.

And I want to grow with you in His Truth, together.

Starting now.

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