I’ve been asking myself a question that seems to grow in size every time I try to wrap my head around it.  I started thinking about it in the middle of a songwriting session, but by no means think that it’s limited to musicians or ‘artsy’ people.

Here’s the question: When I’m working on creating something, am I actually creating, or am I actually discovering something already in existence but just hasn’t been realized yet?

I’ve had a few songs that have had a basic construct laid out for them for several months, but trying to add other parts to them to complete them never seems to fit.  Today, after wrestling with one of these songs for a long time, something finally ‘clicked’.  The song began to make more sense.

But while I was doing it, it didn’t feel like I had written another piece of music and had simply found something that fit well with the existing pieces of the song.  Instead, it felt like I had finally found additional parts of the song that had been there all along, but simply hadn’t been ‘unearthed’ yet.  It was like the song had already been written, and I finally found the missing puzzle pieces that belonged to it. 

Does that make any sense?  It sounds like an artistic-only question, but once you strip it down to its most basic level, it seems to make a lot more sense.  When you decide to paint the house a certain color, do you choose a particular color because you had a choice, or did you choose the color that your God-given personality is designed to enjoy? 

(This isn’t an argument over what choices are right and wrong – we’re the BODY of Christ, every one of us playing a different part in His story.  This is a question of if our opinions and ideas come from nowhere or if they’ve been there all along and we simply have yet to find them.)

Colossians 4:17 (which I know I’ve quoted before) says, “Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you.”  Not “the ministry you’ve created yourself”… but rather what “the Lord GAVE you.”  We look at all the ways that the Holy Spirit leads God’s people in where they are to go, what they are to do, and when & how they’re going to do it.  From the examples we see, it seems like it’s less about us creating for God, and more about realizing what God’s created in us and watching it unfold in our life.

I’m curious as to how you feel about this.  Do we create?  Or do we discover what He’s created in us for His glory and His purpose?

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