I get excited about creating.  The idea of making something out of nothing excites me.  

I think the main reason I enjoy creating is because of the sense of unpredictability that comes with it.  A lyric line might lead to a melody changing form or rhythm.  A guitar part might inspire an extra set (or two, or six) of measures.  A vocal verse that was ad-libbed at the last minute might say twenty times more than the verse that I spent days on.  

There's an infinite amount of creativity (and unpredictability) on this earth.  I love how no two snowflakes have the same pattern, how all these different climates can somehow sustain life, how a sunset can stir the soul as much as a song can.  

Why, then, are we trying to look like everyone else, sound like everyone else, act like everyone else, and just be like everyone else?

We are to find satisfaction in who we are in Christ, not who we are compared to some celebrity or supermodel.  

We are to find satisfaction in who God has created us to be, and stop trying to imitate another person's work or lifestyle.

So, instead of attempting to churn out another piece of contemporary Christian material that fits the image of that genre (before it changes, of course), instead of trying to get my body to be shaped a certain way or to look like I've got my act together, I simply want to rejoice in the fact that I am God's creation, and the gift of creating is something that He's passed down to me.  

I'm so thankful for the creative outlet that He's given me to express how my soul responds to Him.  Whether it blesses tens or millions isn't my concern.  I just want to confidently offer myself back to Jesus with all I've got.

So, next time you're creating, whatever it may be, remember 

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