My wife and I are on the hunt for a solid camcorder so that our baby-on-the-way will have their lives permanently (and probably embarrassingly) documented for future generations.  

As I've been weeding through the approximately four-trillion different models, choices, features, and so forth, I've come to realize that the camera I want NOW is not the same camera that I was interested in when we began this hunt.  New fancy options that I previously never knew about all of a sudden became the most important things I wanted in our new camera.  

Does this happen to anyone else?  Do we become convinced by outside influences (commercials, friends & family, and society as a whole) that what we need "isn't good enough"?  That what we have simply won't do?

Proverbs 30:8 says: "Give me neither poverty nor riches!  Give me just enough to satisfy my needs."  May we not be deceived into thinking that what we THINK we need is the same as what we TRULY need.  A sweet new guitar/computer/etc. would be fantastic right about now, but do I NEED it to perform the function that God's called me to right here and now?  ...Doubtful.

Let's seek Him first, and let Him sort everything else out afterwards (Matthew 6:33).  Maybe I should docu

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