Continuing work on the new album. 

THE RISING is musically risky, and that excites me.  It’s going to make some people upset that it doesn’t sound like the first album, and I’m sure it will make others take shots at me because I wasn’t risky enough. 

THE RISING is lyrically dense, and that’s new for me.  I’m used to using ten words in my lyrics when two will do.  I’m finding that the two-instead-of-ten-word-lyrics are a lot harder to write, but they seem to hit me in the chest harder and drive home what it’s all about.  Some people probably won’t like the fact that it’s more pointed and raw than the first album, and I’m sure others will think I didn’t break enough new ground.

Basically, I’ve realized that in all aspects of life (my walk in Christ, music, or anything else), I’m too liberal for the conservatives and too conservative for the liberals.  To those who consider themselves progressive, I’m too much of a traditionalist.  To those who consider themselves traditional, I’m too much of a progressivist (I think I just made up a new word!).

I’ve ultimately learned that when it comes to living for Christ, I need to stop caring about how I’m perceived by the people around me.  I need to love everyone in Christ, but stop treating life (and ministry) like it’s some type of popularity contest.  I’m creating this music about Jesus because it’s through Jesus that I’m able to do it and it’s for Jesus that makes it valuable.   If He didn’t give me music to write, I wouldn’t do it.  If I offered my music (read: not just the lyrics, but the music as well) for any other gain besides gain in the eyes of Jesus, I’d be pursuing the wrong dream. 

So, regardless of if you think I’m being too risky or if you think I’m being too timid with this music, it all boils down to the fact that I’m in the place that God wants me to be for this album.  He’ll use it to bless those that He wants to, no matter how many or few.  The enemy will NOT stop me by trying to convince me that a certain musical or lyrical decision might upset this person or that person.  I may be caught in the middle of different earthly opinions, but I’m really just in it for Jesus.

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